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Stephanie Larsen

I've been a hair stylist and colorist since 2006 but I've been painting since my first set of finger paints and never stopped. I have been a self taught painter since taking classes in high school, and am currently taking classes for the first time since. After graduating with my bachelors degree in Psychology I decided to pursue a creative career in hairstyling and enrolled at the Toni & Guy Academy in Dallas, TX. 


Following this path has allowed me to live in different places and meet all kinds of other creative people who have been excited to collaborate and play with different creative cuts and color. My advanced education has included Balayage with L'Oreal in DC, Razor Cutting with Bumble & Bumble, and Bridal Styling with L'Oreal in New York. 


I recently started showing my art in various venues all over Houston, as well as selling it online. My work has found permanent homes all over Houston and now in several other states. Whether bringing someone's story to life in their hair, or sharing stories through images on canvas, sharing my passion for visual storytelling is what drives me and makes me excited to wake up in the morning. 

My favorite part of my career has been the connections I have with so many different people and learning about the world through other perspectives. Other peoples perspectives, visions, and art drive my own passion.